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For all start-up ventures and new business creation

Based in Hongo 3-chome, we are a group of experts who are familiar with cutting-edge technology, management strategy, marketing, and data business, and work with many partners to support startup ventures and large companies in solving new business challenges.



Company Name

Hongo Startups Inc.


Place α 3F, 4-1-4 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo (C/O KERNEL HOGO)


July, 2022


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Our business



From a long-term perspective, Japan will face major changes in its business environment, such as Japan entering a society with a large-scale population decline in 2030. In the future, start-up ventures and new business teams at large companies will be faced with even more difficult challenges.

Hongo Startup's strength is that it organizes serial entrepreneurs and people with experience in business development management for large companies. In order to solve each business problem, we provide solutions centered on the creation of new data businesses, ranging from management strategy, human resources and financing, to project management support, with a special focus on IT/DX.

We also act as investors, and we focus on providing down-to-earth support to increase corporate value.


Management consulting services

Startup business growth consulting

Startups with cutting-edge technology and business models require project management with a high level of tension in order to face and overcome difficult challenges. We will help you with everything from leveraging our extensive experience and networks at startups, building collaborations and relationships with large companies, to project management and team formation for your business.


Data business / New business consulting service

Data business new business creation consulting for large companies

While mentoring management teams or project teams, we also support the construction of strategic plans and presentations at management boards, with a focus on data business. We provide speedy support from hypothesis verification to business launch, while providing support that only an external company can provide, such as marketing for customers and developing partner companies, including start-up companies.


Hands-on service

Direct investment in startups and M&A strategy planning/CVC establishment support for large companies

In addition to the above consulting services, we also support direct investment in startups based on hands-on experience, as well as M&A strategy planning/startup investment/CVC establishment for large companies.



Please make any inquiries on our services from here.